​​ The MilKe Plan​​ 

A Single Payer, Multi-Source Universal Healthcare Plan

The MilKe Plan's​ Single Payer Model achieves Affordability through use of it's Single-Payer, Multi-Source, Universal Health Care Coverage Plan Model for all.
The MilKe Plan's Single Payer Model achieves Accessibility when four critical areas are addressed: Timely payments to health care providers without third party intervention; comprehensive coverage including Primary Care, Dental & Vision, Mental Health & Drug Abuse Treatment; Expansion of Coordinated Care Services, Affordable Care Organizations, and Community Medical Centers; Expansion of telehealth, telepharmacy, transportation and medical homes; particularly in rural communities.
The MilKe Plan's Single-Payer Model uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology to quickly and efficiently compare and assess the QUALITY of health care provided, to the cost that has been charged and communicates those findings to the market, relative to competing physicians as well as hospitals and community medical centers. Information will be provided both locally and nationally, on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual basis; as well as on an as- requested basis by patient inquiry.
The MilKe Plan's Single Payer Model maximizes TRANSPARENCY, through a combination of decentralized and centralized, immutable, distributed ledgers; while at the same time protecting sensitive information of the patient. And moreover, it leverages the use of SMART contracts, where feasible, to detect, stamp-out and initiate inquiry and investigation of fraud within the system thus lowering the costs even more.